Do you suspect a cheating spouse

Below are 6 behaviors that might indicate your spouse is having an affair


1. Your once open spouse who shared their day with you suddenly begins to come home late from work but doesn’t share with you where he/she has been.

2. You used to be welcome at his/her place of work but now they make excuses to keep you away.

3. You climb in the car one day and find that the glove compartment is locked and your spouse refuses to allow you to unlock it.

4. Your spouse is suddenly locking the bathroom door when he/she has never done this before. Are they texting an affair partner?

5. Your spouse has meetings or outings with friends and is vague about what friends and where he/she is going.

6. Your spouse tells you that you are being intrusive and that he/she has a right to privacy. Privacy they never seemed to need before.

No one knows your spouse better than you. If they have become secretive and seem to need more privacy than usual, you should be concerned. It is a definite sign that there is a problem in the marriage. Try to communicate your concerns with your spouse in a non-defensive way.

The above actions can indicate an affair but they can also be an indication of other problems. Perhaps your spouse is having problems at work he/she is not comfortable talking about. Perhaps he/she is feeling withdrawn from the relationship and doesn’t know how to communicate to you how he/she is feeling.

Don’t jump to conclusions about an affair but, if you do see any of the above behaviors in your spouse pay attention and try and get to the bottom of what is causing the behaviors.

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